Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mirror of Erised

When someone looks into the Mirror of Erised they see what their heart desires most. Harry looked into the mirror and saw his parents and then himself finding the Sorcerer's Stone. Those were two things he wanted more than anything in the world. He never knew his parents, so he wanted to meet them and find out what they were like. Also, he needed to get the stone and therefore he saw himself finding it in his pocket.

If I looked in the Mirror of Erised I would see my mom becoming healthy and being able to use her prosthetic legs. She has been battling diabetes since I was born. Within the last five years she had both her feet amputated and then was able to get prosthetic legs. She has never been able to use them since she left the rehabilitation center because they put too much pressure on her knees. She believes that the disease she had in her feet has spread to her knees. I would love for her to able to walk again one day. She is the most important person in the world to me and what I desire most in the world is to see her happy and healthy.

I would also see me graduating from Appalachian in 2010, becoming employed at an elementary school in North Carolina, getting married in July 2010, and then starting my career in the fall of 2010. My heart desires to accomplish all of the things in that year, and I would love to see myself succeed! I know all of these images would appear in the Mirror of Erised if I were to look in it.

(I haven't been able to upload my images for my Mirror of Erised, but I will try my best to get it up as soon as the program starts responding!)


Kerry said...

Heather...thanks so much for sharing about your mom. Your dreams are so heartfelt and thought out. I hope you can accomplish every one! I cant wait to see the images you upload!

Dr. Frye said...

Thank you for sharing your desires. I hope each one of them happens. Don't lose hope, Heather! :)