Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Creepy Crawlies

Title: Creepy Crawlies

Author: Hans Post

Illustrator: Irene Goede

Publisher & Publication Date: Lamniscaat, 2005

Genre: Informational, picture book

Grade Level: 1-4

Summary: Lika is a cat and she goes on an adventure in this book. She starts in the living room and then goes to the kitchen and then to the bedroom. Then she goes outside and explores different places. As she enters each place she notices the different critters around her. At the end she goes back to the house and rests after all her adventures. The book is comprised of the story of the cat and then pictures and paragraphs of information about each critter.

Response: This was a very informative book. It has a story about a cat and A LOT of information packed into it. The text in the story of the cat are simple and easy to understand. The text with the information about the animals and insects is a little more complex and difficult to read. This would have to be a book that is read aloud to the class so the teacher could break down the meanings of certain words in the informational sections. The illustrations seemed so life-like. I think they were produced using oil pastels. The colors and details really bring the images to life. It was an adventurous book full of information.

Teaching Ideas: This would be a great book to use with a science activity. It talks about several different insects and animals. Each student could be given a creepy crawly from the book to research more in depth. You could take them to the computer lab and help them find information about it. Also, take them to the library to see if they can find any other books about the critter. Then have them share with the class what they learned about their critter!

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